4 Reasons Why a Diamond Ring is Timeless

4 Reasons Why a Diamond Ring is Timeless

4 Reasons Why a Diamond Ring is Timeless


There’s a reason why “Diamonds are Forever” became the most notable slogan of the century when it was first introduced in 1943 for the ad campaign of De Beers Mining Company. The diamond ring has and continues to be the emblem of romance, love, and unity, beautifully wrapped up into a timeless gemstone that can really last a lifetime. In addition to being one of the most eye-catching and ageless materials today, it’s also one of the strongest stones with unmatched longevity. Together, the flawless beauty and durability make it one of the most cherished symbols that perfectly represents the rare connection that’s found between you and your special someone. To learn more about the history and the reasons why a diamond ring is timeless even to this day, read on.

Diamonds Truly Are Forever

Though engagement rings were first offered as a symbol of unity and ownership dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, it wasn’t until the early 1900s when diamonds became a notable trend and sought-after stone among the elite Europeans. After discovering South Africa as a prized source of the stone, De Beers Mining Company was the first to mine extensively in this region for this beloved jewel. The famed Frances Gerety, who dedicated her career to advertising for De Beers, was the one who coined the renowned slogan that’s still widely used and recognized today. Prior to this reputable ad campaign, the devout association between engagement rings and diamonds did not really exist. So we have Gerety to thank!

The Symbol of Eternal Romance and Love

But why did the diamond become such a symbol of unity and eternal romance? Well, the diamond is a rare and natural stone, much like the special bond that you find between a couple in love. In fact, the gem diamonds which are used in jewellery making (not to be mistaken for the industrial-grade diamonds), are the rarest type of diamonds. These are harder to find and thus, most sought-after and valuable when they are. These are renowned for their unmistakable beauty, clarity, colour and quality, yet another reason why these diamonds are so timeless and truly a perfect and unique representation of love.

It’s One of the Strongest Materials That Exist

The strong covalent bonds that create the diamond stone yield the strongest type of chemical bond. This makes the diamond one of the most versatile and durable substances that exist. It’s the hardest known material and can truly last a lifetime while enduring the abuse from everyday wear and tear.

Longevity Like No Other

Trends come and go, and that includes the styles that are loved and admired throughout the jewellery industry. But this elaborate jewel has captivated our hearts since it first emerged, even making star appearances in many Hollywood flicks time and time again, including the James Bond series. The longevity and unwavering affection for diamonds show the timeless nature it possesses, which makes it a stone that you can purchase with confidence, knowing that it will never go out of style. When you know that the ring you’re selecting for your love is one that will always remain as classic and everlasting as your unique connection, you know it’s the right one, just like her.

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