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When your ring no longer fits as comfortably as it used to, you don’t have to place it aside or opt for a new one. Get it resized instead! It’s a quick and easy process that lets you keep your precious stone and sentiment on your finger comfortably. This applies to your bracelets and necklaces too!

A Quick & Easy Process

Can any type of ring be resized? Not exactly. In order to make the sizing worthwhile, the ring should be made of silver, gold, or platinum so that our jewellers can rework the metals. Base metal rings or stainless-steel pieces require a longer process with special equipment and usually involve a higher cost. Whether it’s too small or too loose, rings can typically be adjusted to two additional sizes up or down. Any further tweaking can risk damaging the structure with too much pressure. Simple bands are also generally easier to adjust than complex designs. For intricate designs like the eternity ring, for example, resizing is quite difficult and has many limitations.

Get the Perfect Fit

The ring resizing process is a fairly simple process that’s performed by our highly skilled jewelers. After cutting out a portion of the band or adding a piece in, they’ll reshape it, solder it, and present you with a clean, polished, and flawless final piece that will fit just right. Even if your current piece is only slightly off in size, we can use a sizing bar or sphere to anchor the ring against your finger, depending on the width of the ring. This creates more friction between your finger and the ring so the chance of the piece spinning in reduced. This is especially common for keeping the diamond in place for engagement rings. Even if you’re unsure of what the correct size is for you, we can size up your finger properly to ensure that the ring is just snug enough to stay put without feeling too tight.

A Quick & Easy Process

At Joy Creations, we offer professional jewelry repairs and redesign services throughout Ottawa. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, or another special piece like a necklace, we can perform resizing to make sure it fits as it should. Even if it can’t be adjusted, we can bring new life to it by creating a custom piece with it designed by you.

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