Can All Jewellery Be Repaired?

Can All Jewellery Be Repaired?

Can All Jewellery Be Repaired?

Is your favourite chain broken? Have the diamonds on your wedding ring become loose or have the beads on a cherished bracelet fallen off? Our professional goldsmiths can fix a wide variety of issues to restore your jewellery to its original glory. But not all jewellery shops will have a goldsmith that can fix every type of jewellery, and not all jewellery can be brought back to life. Some jewellers will only fix the pieces that you bought directly from them, some may not have the necessary tools on hand to set stones or electroplate your pieces, and sometimes, certain pieces of jewellery are worn beyond repair.

To find an expert jeweller that can repair your jewellery and resolve all sorts of issues, follow our short guide below.

Research Their Service Offerings

Some shops only specialize in retail sales, so you’ll first want to find out which offer jewellery repair services. Then you’ll want to make sure that they can repair a range of jewellery pieces beyond just gold and silver. High-quality jewellers will usually offer a full variety of services including custom jewellery design and repairs that entail soldering, re-tipping, re-stringing, engraving, electroplating, re-sizing, and cleaning.

Find Out How Long They Have Been Operating

The experience of the goldsmith is important, but so is the jewellery shop’s record. If a jeweller has been operating for a number of years, they’re likely to have more experience than a shop that just opened. It also shows that they’ve had a steady stream of customers and even repeat customers because businesses that do poor quality work rarely survive more than a year.

Start Small

If you’re unsure whether you want to leave your jewellery in the hands of a goldsmith that you haven’t previously worked with, it’s a good idea to start with a smaller piece of jewellery before requesting a big repair job. For example, start with a ring sizing or chain repair. This will give you a feel for what you can expect when coming in with one of your favourite pieces for a large repair.

Read Their Testimonials

Before choosing a jeweller, you’ll also want to make sure that they have a well established and positive reputation in the community. And the best way to do this is to read over their reviews and testimonials. If they don’t display their testimonials on their website, consider it a red flag. Reputable jewellers who do high quality work will have higher ratings and they will proudly show them off for potential customers to see.

Where Can You Get All Your Jewellery Repaired In Ottawa?

Joy Creations Jewellers & Designers, located in the heart of the Glebe, offers jewellery repairs and ring resizing services. Our on-site factory goldsmith has decades of experience and can mend most gold, silver, platinum or palladium rings, necklaces, broaches, earrings or bracelets that you need to be fixed. There is no job too big or too small for our goldsmith Dennis to handle! He has all the tools to solder broken pieces, replace clasps and shanks, restring and rebead bits, remove links, electroplate, and polish your jewellery to a beautiful finish. He can also resize it to fit properly and set/re-tip any gems or diamonds that may have come loose. Our goldsmith will ensure that your piece is fully restored to its original state. You’ll also receive complimentary inspection and cleaning services while you wait.

Visit us today or set up a consultation online!

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  1. Carol Pritchard

    I have a platinum ring that had to be cut off due to swelling after an injury. Would love to have it fixed, fingers are a wee big bigger so might need more than reattaching ends : )
    Do you think you can help?
    Thanks a bunch

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