9 Popular Locations for Engagements in Ottawa

9 Popular Locations for Engagements in Ottawa

9 Popular Locations for Engagements in Ottawa


Looking for the picture-perfect place to get down on one knee? We have you covered with our 9 most popular locations for engagements in Ottawa below.

Dominion Arboretum

For those who are looking for a lush landscape surrounded by lots of greenery and large trees, this spot takes the cake for outdoorsy romance. There are so many beautiful areas where you can plan to perfect spot to pop the question with privacy. Plus, it’s also nestled by the Rideau Canal, which makes it perfect to stroll along afterward and relish in your new engagement bliss. It’s one of the more popular areas in the city, especially when the blossoms emerge in May!

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill looks stunning no matter what time of year it is, and it offers a beautiful backdrop, whether inside or outside. The old gothic revival architecture looks like something out of a fairy-tale as the sun sets along the Peace Tower. It’s also conveniently located close to Sparks Street where you can snap more pics of this great city for a nice touch of contrast.

The Byward Market

The Byward Market is brimming with character and bursts of colours that make it another epic place to consider for the perfect engagement photos. Since this is one of the busiest tourist areas in Ottawa, you’ll have to be strategic when you choose to snap your pics. We recommend heading off the main path towards the side streets to avoid the crowds. Or just plan to visit at an off-peak time to minimize foot traffic.

Chateau Laurier

If you want a truly magical backdrop, you can’t go wrong with the Chateau Laurier. You don’t even need to go inside. Just walking around the area is enough to snap some magical pics, including Major Hill which you can find towards the back. There are so many good opportunities here, you just can’t go wrong.

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is only a short drive from the city and offers a massive amount of greenspace filled with many scenic spots. Carbide Wilson Ruins is a local favourite hot spot, offering an easy, picturesque trail, trickling waterfalls, and many creative areas to capture all the romance.

Patterson Creek Park

Living in Ottawa gives us so many options to enjoy the outdoors, and Patterson Creek Park is a prime example. Get here around the golden hour as the sun sets along the trees for a truly dazzling snapshot over the Rideau Canal.

Larose Forest

To really get off the beaten path, Larose Forest is just the place. Located east of the city, this manmade forest stretches over 27 acres and is packed with towering trees. It’s an outdoorsy haven for fall-themed shoots as the leaves gather on the trails, but it’s also a good option any time of year.

Ornamental Gardens

With carefully manicured hedges, garden beds, and hundreds of colourful flowers in bloom, it’s no secret garden when it comes to hosting photoshoots of all kinds. This area is filled with tranquil settings and rolling hills that you can take advantage of, especially for anyone who wants to plan a romantic picnic for the engagement.

Ottawa Locks

What better way to celebrate your beau and your love for the city than down near the historic Ottawa Locks? If you’re planning an engagement in the summer months, you can take advantage of the swath of colours over the water, while incorporating a fragment of history into your photos. It’s equally as impressive during any time of year.

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