Joy Creations – What Happens in Our Workshops?

Joy Creations – What Happens in Our Workshops?

Joy Creations – What Happens in Our Workshops?

Did you know that jewels and other decorative items are as old as the human race? Whether you are searching for a gift for someone or treating yourself, jewellery is always a great option. At Joy Creations Jewellers & Designers, we make our customers a part of our jewellery-making process by offering various workshops. Our expert jeweller Dennis will provide hands-on experience during the workshops, and there is never a rush for the client to finish their jewellery pieces during the workshops. It can be completed over the course of multiple days or a few weeks; we will be happy to accommodate your learning process. Our workshops are running from a project-based system, so we can gauge what the client wants to create. Learn more about the four workshops that we are currently offering:  


Wax Carving


Wax Carving is one of the most original ways to create jewellery. We provide a chunk of wax and carving tools for the clients to create anything they desire. Our goldsmith will take the clients through a basic sculpting technique and will demonstrate how to get the wax piece ready for casting. Most of the time, if the surface of the wax is rough, then it will take much longer to finish the piece when it’s in metal form, but we will be sure to take you through the entire process!


Lost Wax Casting


Who would’ve ever thought that you could turn wax into metal? This method is called lost wax casting and dates back to ancient Egyptian time. Our workshop uses the same concept of the original lost wax casting however since technology has drastically evolved over the years, we provide the latest tools to create the finished product. The customer can use our 3D wax that’s been hand carved or anything that will burn away as your model. On Saturdays, we explain to our clients how the process works and give them a tour of our workshop. We also do demos on requests. For example, if someone is interested in seeing how gemstones are being set, all they need to do is email us, and we will set up a demo for them. 


Silicone Mould Making


Silicone mould making is a technique commonly used to create multiple identical jewellery pieces. For example, pieces for companies with their logos or making several components for a larger project like fancy chain links. We encase the original piece in a silicone mould, and once it cures, we will cut the mould in half and remove the original piece, and we will now have a negative space for wax injection. We use a wax injector and produce as many pieces as necessary before the pieces are ready to go through the lost wax casting process.


Wedding Band Workshop


This is a great workshop for those wanting to customize their symbol of an eternal bond. Clients can make simple bonds from scratch by hand with the guidance of our goldsmith. The process of making the engagement rings is to melt the material, to roll out the plats, to draw wires, to bend & form the band, to solder the joints and to finish/polish the pieces. Our goldsmith will guide you through the steps and oversee the whole project. We arrange the workshop based on our client’s availability to fit their busy schedules. For more complicated pieces, we can create the design on a computer and 3D print the wax for our clients. Then they will do the preparations for casting. Once the piece is in metal form, they will do all the cleaning and polishing if they’re comfortable with the steps. For pieces with stones, we will have them get it ready for setting. Our goldsmith will have the stones set, and our client will do the final polishing of the pieces.


Contact us today to join one of our workshops; we are excited to give you guidance on your unique creation of the jewellery you’ve always envisioned.

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