Top 9 Ways to Gift Jewellery

Top 9 Ways to Gift Jewellery

Top 9 Ways to Gift Jewellery

Not sure how to gift a beautiful piece of jewellery to make a big impact and lasting impression? We’ve put together the 9 best ways to gift jewellery to celebrate that special person in your life or a milestone occasion. 

Make It A Surprise

Does your spouse have a special birthday coming up and already expects to receive a gift or stunning piece of jewellery? Make it a real surprise by switching up the date. For instance, take them to dinner on the weekend before and present the gift. That way they’ll really be surprised and will remember it forever.

Hide It 

We’ve all heard about people hiding rings in cake, which is a great idea in theory until the person chokes on the ring. Fortunately, this idea can be used in other ways that are not so hazardous. For example, you could hide the gift under their pillow, next to their toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, in the mailbox, or in the fridge. Get creative!

Create A Secret Package

If you want to really throw your recipient off guard, create a secret package that looks like it was sent from Amazon or Canada Post. They’ll think that they forgot about an order and will be pleasantly surprised when they open it up.

Place It Inside A Toy 

Hiding your gift inside a pinata is another excellent way to surprise someone without them expecting it.  Other options for the host include stuffed animals, a box of chocolates, takeout box, or even in a small purse.

By Way Of A Delivery Person

You can actually pay people to deliver your gift for you. It doesn’t take much to find a person on Fiverr or through an online service to personally deliver the gift at home, the office, or anywhere else for that matter. If you want to get even more creative, you could have a friend or even your pet deliver the gift to them. They’ll never expect it!

A Decorated Jewellery Box

A personalized gift is always the most sentimental. A hand-decorated jewellery box is a sure way to demonstrate your love for another. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to create. All you need is a plain white box, some paint and craft supplies, and you can turn a plain box into a beautifully decorated one in no time.

At Your Favourite Place

Do you and your recipient have a favourite place? Maybe it’s where you proposed or the where you had your first date? Maybe it’s where your parents were married or where your sister and you love to meet up. Those special places are the perfect location to pass on a milestone gift for an anniversary, birthday, promotion or even a thank you gift. 

As A Package

If you really want to wow and impress someone, gift jewellery in a box with other items like wine, sports tickets, or clothing. This specialized little package is the perfect way to say I love you and show someone you really listen to what they actually like and want.

With A Matching Piece

Gifting a matching ring, bracelet or necklace to someone can express your eternal bond. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your sister, mother, or spouse, a matching one is the best way to express your commitment to your relationship.

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