Explore Our Custom Jewellery Design Services

Explore Our Custom Jewellery Design Services

Explore Our Custom Jewellery Design Services


Are you looking to infuse your ideas into a custom piece of jewellery? Or just want something unique that your friends don’t have? Here at Joy Creations, our expert team specializes in custom designs that can turn your creative ideas into the perfect personalized piece that’s made just for you or a special someone in your life whether a partner or a family member. Want to learn more? Explore our custom jewellery design services below!


Starts With a Consultation


Our custom jewellery design services start with a complimentary consultation with our on-site designer. We’ll discuss your ideas, figure out what materials to use, and then we’ll start to turn your vision into reality.


CAD Design Software and 3D Printing


Once we have an idea of what you would like us to create, we’ll use our CAD design and specialty software to create a rendering of your design for you to preview. This is where we can let your creativity run wild, and make as many changes as needed until you are satisfied. Once it’s approved, we’ll then produce a prototype for you with our 3D printer.


Highest Quality Materials


We only use the highest quality materials for our custom-made jewellery. Our diamonds and semi-precious gemstones come from reputable suppliers right here in Canada. And because we alloy our own metal in store, we can alter the materials to achieve different shades. Even if you have your mind set on a particular diamond that’s sold at another dealer, we will ensure that you understand the diamond grading system and help you make a well-informed decision before purchasing online.


Remakes and Remodels


Looking to remake a design you saw from existing materials? Do you have a worn down or broken piece of jewellery you would like to remodel or modernize? We can help with that too! Our team will find a solution, test and measure all the materials and stones, and work with you to create the perfect piece.


Matching Pieces


If you’re on the hunt for a customized piece that will make someone you love feel special, allow us to help. We can create matching pieces for you and your loved one and even replicate designs into different pieces, like a custom necklace and matching bracelet right here in our studio.


Reasonable Prices


Our personalized, tailor-made jewellery at Joy Creations is unique, beautiful, and reasonably priced. We are fully transparent with our pricing, as we believe that our customers have the right to know how things are made. And because we make our jewellery right in-house, we can offer exceptional rates to our customers.


Professional Service Every Time


Joy Creations is a boutique jeweller that believes in good old-fashioned customer service. From the moment you walk through our doors until you leave with your new custom-made piece, you’ll receive kind and helpful service from our professional staff.


If you’re looking for a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery for yourself or for someone special, visit us at Joy Creations. Whether you need a custom ring, matching bracelet, or want to remodel an heirloom, we can help! We have worked on many unique projects for all types of occasions and there’s no project too big or too small.  Contact us today to discuss your ideas or come visit us directly at our store on Bank Street!


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